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North Dakota Horseshoe Pitchers Association
Junior Scholar Horseshoe Pitchers Awards Program (Revised 06-2003)

(See Application Form)

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: Any youngsters who were NHPA members (within the class requirements listed below) and participated during the pitching season prior to the last school year in a sanctioned Junior League, or, if a Junior League was not available, participated to the fullest extent possible in local NHPA tournaments.

CLASS AND AGE REQUIREMENTS: To be eligible, a youngster must have just completed any of grades 7 through 12.

PITCHING REQUIREMENTS: If a league is available locally, the applicant must have participated in at least two-thirds of the scheduled matches.

SCHOLASTIC REQUIREMENTS: To be eligible, a junior must maintain a scholastic grade average of NO LESS than a B- for the ENTIRE school term, not just for one or two quarters/semesters. An up-to-date transcript of grades must be furnished with the application.

CAN THIS AWARD BE EARNED MORE THAN ONCE? Any youngster meeting the grade and pitching requirements is eligible for this award whether said youngster has won this award previously or not. An ad-hoc committee appointed by the Junior Promotion Director has full authority to award scholarships to Juniors based on scholastic grade average, horseshoe activities and other community service activities. The intent of the NDHPA is to reach as many eligible applicants as possible.

PARENT OR GUARDIAN REQUIREMENTS: Parents or guardians must certify that they understand no funds will be transferred to any applicant if further education is not pursued after graduation from high school. They also may be required to verify the age of the applicant.

COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY ENTRANCE: The Junior who has an approved scholarship must furnish the Junior Promotion Director a copy of his or her acceptance into an accredited college or university, at which time the scholarship funds without accrued interest will be forwarded to the Junior.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: The application deadline is June 21st of each year.

JUNIOR SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM DIRECTOR CONTACT: Stuart Sipma, 2826 Domino Drive, Bismarck, ND 58503